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Tadhg's curiosity pricks at him as he gathers the sketch pad and pencils needed for his next and quite unexpected task. Pippa had called him the day before yesterday and asked if he could stop by his brother's apartment the Monday after their family celebration of Rory's birthday. He'd felt a brief stab of worry that it might have something to do with her injuries, but she'd explained in her soft, proper manner that she was thinking of getting a tattoo. Could he come over so they could discuss the details?

Certainly he can, and so he does.

On his journey to Woodside, Tadhg wonders yet again if Rory knows of Pippa's plan or if she intends the tattoo as a surprise. Certainly bigger brother gave no indication at the party, instead fielding a series of questions about his band's impending first CD release that were by turns excited, concerned and curious. Tadhg didn't bring the subject up himself. Tattoos are an intensely personal matter, and the etiquette that goes with them is equally personal. Pippa is past the age of consent, therefore whatever ink she decides to get stays her own business until she chooses to make it someone else's.

After a careful check, he returns to the daylight world in the stairwell on Rory's floor. He could have just entered the apartment itself, but etiquette also surrounds his use of the powers. When dealing with humans like Pippa, abide by human rules of courtesy as much as possible, which includes use of the front door. He knocks and waits patiently, idly tapping one sneaker-clad set of toes.
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(OOC: Takes place after this post. WARNING: Graphic violence and nasty behind link.)

Tadhg stared at the CD in his brother's hand. "It has the same note?"

Rory nodded, the tension in his neck making the motion jerk slightly. "Gift-wrapped like the other, with a card from 'your newest fan.' Though this one also said, 'Hope you like the results.' Someone delivered it to Incidental before the show, but I didn't get it until closing."

One more clue ... cut for length and auditory ewwww )
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I would tell you, for reals, but um...I can't.

How ... mysterious.

Tadhg stared at his cell phone, running his recent conversation with his niece, Jansen over in his mind. Non-conversation, really, the teenager told him she had information he'd be interested in, but he'd have to call her father or mother to get it.

What could be happening with Anraí and Laine? Nothing bad, surely. Jansen had sounded excited, not upset as she talked to him. Oh call...please. I'm bored and this will be fun.

All right then. Tadhg flipped open his phone and selected the number from his contacts. Sitting back in his armchair, he listened to the rings and waited.
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(bendy-timed to May 3rd, continues from this phone conversation.)

There. Ready. Well, more or less.

Tadhg had reduced the clutter in his living room and studio to a level that could pass for relaxed and artsy, instead of just chaotic. A plate of jam shorties waited on the dining table for the tea his soon-to-arrive guest had said she'd bring along. A portfolio of past designs, a sketchbook and an array of colored pencils sat nearby.

All this with ten minutes to spare. Not bad, really.

One last circuit of his workroom and check of his wards ensured that he was ready for his visitor in mystical as well as mundane terms. Rian Baxter. Writer, and more to the point for the afternoon's plans, witch. A witch with a very interesting background as such, according to his father, though Da had given him few details beyond that. He supposed he'd see for himself shortly.

The púca sprawled his six-foot frame into a comfortable armchair in the living room and settled himself to wait. Diúc immediately plopped his sizeable self in front of the chair in his favorite scratching position, panting happily. Chuckling softly, Tadhg extricated his foot out from under the wolfhound's hindquarters and obliged him.

A car pulled up outside. Diúc's head turned toward the front door at the same moment that Tadhg felt his wards alert him. His guest had arrived.


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