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Over in biggest brother Anraí's journal, you will find a series of drabbles commemorating a very special moment for the MacEibhir family. Enjoy!
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One song, hm?

Drought - Vienna Teng

Rather an odd song to be listening to on one's birthday, isn't it?

I've been listening to it off and on for weeks, now. I couldn't say why, for certain, but I was listening to it earlier today when I felt four familiar people cross my wards and walk up to my home in Santa Barbara. My two older brothers, Anraí and Rory ... I'd been expecting them ever since Anraí called a few weeks ago with a determined note in his voice. But my father and my younger sister Caitlín ... I hadn't realized they'd come as well. But when I opened the door, I wasn't surprised to see a cake box in Cait's hands. If Mohammed wouldn't come to the birthday celebration, apparently the birthday celebration would come to Mohammed. Not that my birthday was the only reason for the get-together.

Rory and I have worried the entire family it seems. Ever since ... ever since last August. And now the family is determined to do something about it.

I hope they can. I'm terrified they can't.
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Tadhg's curiosity pricks at him as he gathers the sketch pad and pencils needed for his next and quite unexpected task. Pippa had called him the day before yesterday and asked if he could stop by his brother's apartment the Monday after their family celebration of Rory's birthday. He'd felt a brief stab of worry that it might have something to do with her injuries, but she'd explained in her soft, proper manner that she was thinking of getting a tattoo. Could he come over so they could discuss the details?

Certainly he can, and so he does.

On his journey to Woodside, Tadhg wonders yet again if Rory knows of Pippa's plan or if she intends the tattoo as a surprise. Certainly bigger brother gave no indication at the party, instead fielding a series of questions about his band's impending first CD release that were by turns excited, concerned and curious. Tadhg didn't bring the subject up himself. Tattoos are an intensely personal matter, and the etiquette that goes with them is equally personal. Pippa is past the age of consent, therefore whatever ink she decides to get stays her own business until she chooses to make it someone else's.

After a careful check, he returns to the daylight world in the stairwell on Rory's floor. He could have just entered the apartment itself, but etiquette also surrounds his use of the powers. When dealing with humans like Pippa, abide by human rules of courtesy as much as possible, which includes use of the front door. He knocks and waits patiently, idly tapping one sneaker-clad set of toes.


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