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I would tell you, for reals, but um...I can't.

How ... mysterious.

Tadhg stared at his cell phone, running his recent conversation with his niece, Jansen over in his mind. Non-conversation, really, the teenager told him she had information he'd be interested in, but he'd have to call her father or mother to get it.

What could be happening with AnraĆ­ and Laine? Nothing bad, surely. Jansen had sounded excited, not upset as she talked to him. Oh call...please. I'm bored and this will be fun.

All right then. Tadhg flipped open his phone and selected the number from his contacts. Sitting back in his armchair, he listened to the rings and waited.

Date: 2008-08-25 07:37 am (UTC)
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Laine heard the phone ring. Heard it and did nothing about the fact. No, she wasn't likely to be answering the phone any time soon. She was too busy being sick to her stomach and rinsing her mouth out at the bathroom sink. "Dammit, Jansen...answer the phone, darlin'. I know you can hear--"

She cut herself off as another wave of nausea hit and she was back to throwing up again. Morning sickness, her ass. And it was far worse this time around than it had been with the wretched child who was down the hall laughing.

Laine flushed the toilet and then let her head rest against the cool porcelain of the sink basin for a moment. Fifty-six and pregnant. Physiologically she might be ten years younger at this point but still...oh, what six twist of fate was this? Not that she was unhappy--not really. Or at least not when she was feeling better.

And the phone was still ringing.

She made it from the bathroom to the phone in the upstairs alcove, glaring at her daughter on the way. Brat. "Hello. What?"

Pleasant, really.

Date: 2008-08-25 11:02 pm (UTC)
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Tadhg considered revising his initial conclusion of nothing bad when an obviously tired and harried-sounding Laine gave her two-syllable greeting.

"Hello, Laine. It's Tadhg," he said, instinctively pitching his voice to the same mellow tones he'd use to soothe a nervy horse, then wincing when he realized the woman on the other end of the line would easily recognize those tones herself. "I had an interesting talk with Jansen just now. She implied that you and AnraĆ­ have some kind of news, but she couldn't tell me herself."

Stretching out his long legs, he rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand. "So I'm calling for clarification."

Date: 2008-08-26 12:04 am (UTC)
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"Jansen May-RUH!" She turned and yelled for the teenager, not particularly caring if her brother in law's eardrums were suffering due to her lack of volume control. "Girl, I swear to God in Heaven and everything else that is holy, I am goin' to kick your butt from here to your--"

She stopped, glared at the grinning girl as she came out of her room to lean against the wall. Giving Jansen an 'I'll deal with you later' look, Laine forced a smile to her face and a cheerful-yet-tight pitch to her voice as she addressed Tadhg again. "I'm sorry, darlin'. Your niece is just cruisin' for trouble as always." A sigh. "We weren't goin' to say anythin' just yet but seein' as the cat is half out of the bag..."

Realizing that Jansen wanted most was to get reactions out of people with this news, Laine took the phone into the bedroom she shared with her husband, closed the door and then went into the master bath, closing that door as well. And turning on the tap water. Even with her better than human hearing, Jansen wasn't going to be able to glean anything of Tadhg's response over that. Child might be devious, but her mother has had many more years of practice.

"We're havin' another baby." She offered the information matter of factly, if there were any questions of how or why, then she'd give explanations. Laine assumed that Tadhg was astute enough to not need either.


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