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part i.
Character name:Tadhg MacEibhir
Fandom: The Grey Horse
Species (vampire, werewolf, what have you): Púca, a kind of shapeshifting Irish horse fairy. Feel free to check out his wiki for more details.
Character powers: Tadhg's abilities include:
  • Shapeshifting--into a horse primarily, though the book also mentions an insubstantial spirit form that is neither horse nor man.

  • Having a horse's strength, speed, endurance and senses of smell and hearing while in human form.

  • Communication with animals, especially horses. Most animals are also inclined to like and trust him. Fairies from Tadhg's canon also have an innate ability to communicate with others regardless of language if they're "on their own earth", but since Tadhg will be well away from Ireland, Faerie and his home in Santa Barbara, I don't expect that to work. In a similar vein, I don't expect his ward-medallion to allow him to communicate with his family, either.

  • Traveling out of the mortal realm to Faerie and related places. I fully expect this ability to be useless in Baedal, but I thought I should mention it anyway.

  • An ability to sense magic and the supernatural. Tadhg's senses run even deeper than those of his siblings: He can tell things about a person by looking at their "patterns", the channels of their life energies that are only visible to those with particular sensitivity and training. Physical contact gives him more information, connecting his patterns to someone else's and reading deeper signs of what's going on in their body and mind. He can, with considerable effort of focus on his part and considerable trust from someone else, allow that someone else to "see" some of what he sees.

  • Spell-crafting--Tadhg's family all have the ability to shape magical energy into simple spells of illusion (glamours), protection (wards), communication and luck. Tadhg has honed his own abilities to the point where he can create stronger versions of these basic spells, affect the material world in some ways and imbue items that he creates with magic that can be used by the bearer or wearer. He can tap into sources of magic in his environment or use power given to him by another to augment his own magical energies, or transfer those energies into another.

  • Healing--Tadhg can channel his own life energies into the sick or wounded to encourage their bodies to heal. This is not wave-a-wand-and-make-everything-better stuff; how much he can heal depends on a. how much energy he can access, b. how far gone the person is and c. how much time he has. Fae healing works best when used as delicately as possible so as to avoid inflicting even more stress on the patient. Tadhg also cannot heal old scars or anything the body now accepts as "normal", though he might be able to do something if the scarred spot were injured again.

  • Immunity to Alcohol--Ethyl alcohol has no effect on púca, though Tadhg's father claims this comes from their equine nature rather than their faeness. The effects of other intoxicants could be ... unpredictable.

Tadhg's powers do have certain limitations. There is no free lunch in his magic; the more complicated or powerful a spell he wants to craft, the more magical energy he has to pour into it, and that energy has to come from somewhere. For small spells or his more innate abilities (like turning into a horse), he can use a little bit of his own inner magic without much effect on him. The effects of somewhat larger magics or repeated smaller ones will show themselves as fatigue and hunger, and can be recovered from with rest and food. To craft anything really powerful, he would need to do one or more of the following: pour smaller amounts of his own magic into the spell over time; tap into another source of magical energy, be it from a place or a person; or incorporate the energy of some kind of sacrifice into the spell.

The first method is safest, surest and the one he uses most often. He has also drawn energy from his brother Rory, who has a knack for absorbing ambient magic, and also from his own places of power through torcs he crafted and wears at neck and wrist. As for what sources of energy might be available to him in Baedal, he'll probably have to find out the hard way. Drawing power from a sacrifice, whether of blood, pain, items or whatever, Tadhg has only done in small ways. For example, the handful of times he's crafted a magical tattoo, the blood and pain of the person being inked (which has usually been himself) got worked into the spell. However, there's this fuzzy gray area between a freely given sacrifice and taking extra without consent, and Tadhg's come close to or even wandered into that area often enough to be wary. Waste not want not is all well and good, but he's careful to spell his terms out in advance, and all the more so if someone else is involved in the spellcrafting.

A note about Tadhg's particular magical weaknesses: He can handle iron easily enough, but being bound with or imprisoned in it would weaken him magically, and would probably make him ill were it to continue for a long time. His ability to perceive and connect with the life channels of others can make his own patterns vulnerable to manipulation by someone more powerful or simply getting tangled. He has an assortment of self-applied tattoos that help him channel and contain his abilities in this area, and he normally pulls the ink under his skin when they're not in use to protect him from unwanted or careless contact between his patterns and those of others. Tadhg also has one weakness peculiar to púca: if anyone ever puts bridle or halter on his horse form, he must obey that person until the tack is removed or the person dies. Even if he transforms into his man form, he can do nothing himself to remove the binding. Suffice to say he'll resist any attempt to halter him pretty strenuously.

In game terms, I can tweak any of the above powers as needed, and of course I'll never have Tadhg's abilities affect another player's character without plenty of OOC communication and agreement with said player.

part ii.
1.) Is it acceptable for your character to be mind-controlled or persuaded? How susceptible are they to mind control, hypnotism, or suggestion?
Tadhg has some resistance to mind control and telepathic persuasion, but it could be overcome by a more powerful character or circumvented by someone with considerable experience in mental powers. Controlling his mind or planting a suggestion without him knowing or figuring out that something was done to him would be very difficult.

2.) Is it acceptable for your character to have their mind read? Does this include traumatic memories? What is their mind like (disturbing, orderly, joyful, surprisingly empty, etc.)? If the character has psychic walls or preventative measures against psychic interference, please explain.
In a similar vein, he can be mind-read, but he would probably detect the reading unless considerable precautions were taken. Any nonmagical telepath trying to dig beyond simple surface thoughts would likely wind up very confused. Tadhg's mind works in convoluted ways, laden with fae impulses, his perception of life energies, and a mayfly tendency to change directions and hare off after shiny new thoughts. Just making sense of what was read would take effort. As maze-like as his mind can be, the only real walls in it surround the absorbed set of memories from serial killer John Larch. He has locked those down as tightly as he can, but they do cause him nightmares at times. If he detects people reading him in Baedal, he'll likely work on establishing better mental defenses.

3.) Are thoughts mentioned in narration acceptable for a telepath to pick up?
Thoughts mentioned in narration would probably be surface thoughts and could be read. Just check with me first.

4.) What about emotions, in the case of an empath? What sort of general emotional reading would such a character receive from yours?
Tadhg's surface emotions could probably be read. An empath would most often detect a watchful alertness linked to a calm confidence and a strong undercurrent of curiousity. However, since fae emotions can change at a moment's notice, I'd recommend the player of any such empath get in touch with me first.

5.) Are there any aspects of your character's mind, emotions, or memories you would like to be picked up, mentioned, or used in character? Conversely, is there anything that should not be noticed, or at least never mentioned?
I'm willing to be fairly organic about this, working things out with OOC communication. There are certainly quite a few things that someone could pick up on (with varying degrees of difficulty) and use in a plot: his strangeness and power, knowledge of his family or past, his nightmares and their deeply-buried cause. I'm all for tossing him in at the deep end if someone, be they god, NPC or player character, decides to plot or scheme where he's concerned.

part iii.
1.) Physically speaking, what stands out about your character? Imposing size? Physical scarring? Tattoos?
Tadhg is tall and good-looking, but not outrageously so. He has magical means to either stand out in a crowd or blend in, as he chooses. He does have tattoos, but he usually conceals them with magic, clothing or both. His eyes, with their dark brown irises nearly covering all of the white, are his most distinctive physical feature. He usually uses a glamour to make them look human-normal, but there are times when he will let their natural appearance show. I'll do my best to specifically mention in narration when he does so.

2.) Is your character immune to any of the following: poisons, chemical agents, telekinetic influence, radiation, or types of illnesses?
He is immune to nonmagical illnesses and can heal the damage from most of the rest of the list fairly easily, unless his own magic is impaired or exhausted somehow. A constant bombardment of hard radiation, for example, would likely overwhelm his healing abilities eventually, unless he had time to devise some kind of magical shielding. With telekinetic influence, it would likely depend on whether or not he had enough warning to bring up magical defenses. He would probably dissolve into his spirit form by reflex if he felt something drastic happening.

3.) Is your character physiologically different from a human in any way? This can include their blood, skin, hair, et cetera being made up of something unusual or simply differing in construction and durability.
His human form wouldn't show as anything other than human to a normal doctor performing an exam, except perhaps for his unconcealed eyes. Likewise, his horse form would pass muster at any vet exam, likely with a few compliments on the "animal's" health and condition. More in-depth testing, like a DNA analysis, might detect some abnormalities ... or one might find that one's sample had mysteriously vanished or decomposed, or that one's testing apparatus was having an off day, etc.

4.) Are you amenable to having your character be harmed in any way? How far are you comfortable with injury to you character going? Does this include being fed on by vampires, willingly or unwillingly?
Tadhg can take an awful lot of punishment and still heal himself from it if he has access to sufficient magical energy, so yes. He would definitely need assistance to reattach a severed limb, say, but anything up to that point he could in most cases handle on his own. I think a vampire feeding on Tadhg could lead to some interesting effects on both of them, so I'm quite willing to work out what those effects might be with a mod or another player.

5.) Is it acceptable for other characters with abilities of shapeshifting or disguise to imitate your character? Does this include ability mimicry?
It is certainly acceptable, though it would probably take a very magical, very skilled shapeshifter to imitate him well enough to fool another fairy. As for ability mimicry, many of Tadhg's powers are pretty idiosyncratic, so again, it would take magic and skill in plenty.

part iv.
1.) Can your character's presence or aura be noticed by other characters, and how would it look/feel to them? How would it manifest to a character with no supernatural abilities, if at all?
Lucky me, I actually have a canon answer to this one. X-D In his human form, Tadhg's aura would look like a misty, translucent version of a dark grey stallion. His stallion form would carry a subtle shimmer of fae, white fire around it. He could alter or damp down either version of his aura, but he usually sees no need to. A character with no supernatural abilities would not see his aura at all, unless supernaturally aided in some way.

2.) Can your character be affected by magic spells and curses?
Definitely yes, though he has some advantages in figuring out what's happening and trying to counter it.

3.) Can your character be affected by sin and corruption, and be tempted toward expressing their darker urges (of whatever flavor)?
Yyyyeeeees. Again, he might well be able to do something about it ... but would he? That would depend on circumstances.

4. What sort of sins is the character prone toward, and how might they best be tempted, if you are interested in such an event?
Out of the seven deadlies, Tadhg is most prone toward pride and (to a lesser extent) lust. His intense curiosity and desire to know, especially where magic is concerned, could certainly be turned against him. So could his pride in his abilities, his artist's desire for beauty in all its forms, and even his longing to reunite with his family.

5.) Are you amenable to the character receiving prophetic visions, including as part of a plot?
By all means, go for it! Tadhg normally has to seek visions; they haven't come hunting for him. Getting hit with one unexpectedly would throw him for a loop.

part v.
1. Is threadjacking allowed? Under what circumstances?
I'm usually pretty mellow about threadjacking, but in this kind of plotty game, I prefer to be contacted first.

2. Is it acceptable for canonmates that are updated further than yours to inform your character of events yours has not yet experienced?
The chances of any of Tadhg's canonmates showing up unless I bring them in seem pretty slim, and he's mostly made of headcanon anyway. That said, he has had the experience of meeting his future nephew, so it would probably be okay. Just talk to me first.

3. Are there triggering or upsetting topics you would like other characters to avoid mentioning to yours for the sake of continued comfort (racist words, homophobia, self-injury, etc.)?
Not that I can think of. If any come up, I'll update.

4. Are there any additions you would like us to make to this survey?
If I think of any, I'll let you know. ^_^


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